Sale Support:
Members from our professional sales team will be available at each client’s beck and call to assist, whether with a simple installation or a major project. Our members visit on-site and provide free quotes as well as advice.

System Design:
VS have a design team who specialise in the design of customised refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation as well as heating systems. We are able to work hand-in-hand with our suppliers, project-managers, clients, architects and building contractors to ensure complete satisfaction of quality.

Schedule installations with our trained professionals to ensure proper installations for maximum performance. Our installations include;
  • Refrigeration
  • Air conditioning
  • Ventilation and heating equipment
  • Air conditioning breakdown service

    Our teams are equipped with the necessary fault nding training and equipment, to diagnose faults on any system. Each of our mobile workshops is equipped in number, with various miscellaneous and generic spares to repair systems on site. Most spares are made available within 24 hours, depending on its availability of stock.

    Maintenance services and warranties

    To ensure that the warranty of your unit remains valid, regular servicing is required. Our teams do minor and major servicing. We also oer maintenance agreements for long-term cost saving.
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